Reputation is the corner-stone of our carpet business. Both in the buying and selling of carpets, you need to cultivate on a long-term basis integrity, respectability, honesty and sincerity.


The Business Legacy

Hassan’s Carpets, a family-owned business spanning 4 generations, is one of Singapore’s leading carpet and rug companies, and is synonymous for luxury objects d’art of the highest quality.

The fascinating history of Hassan’s Carpets dates back to the late 1800’s when Mr. Khawaja Abdul Hamid, a descendant of a long line of carpet merchants, left Kashmir in the search for greener pastures. His travels ultimately led him to Singapore. In the early 1930’s, he established the first oriental carpet showroom in Singapore at The Heeren Building along Orchard Road, and by doing so, essentially created the carpet retail industry here.

From Orchard Road to Raffles Place then to Tanglin Road, and now at Outram Road, the family business flourished through the generations.

Aware of the intrigue and uncertainty associated with the whole business of carpet buying, he stood by his family motto:

“The genuine identity of every piece is unconditionally guaranteed”.

Today, this remains the essential working philosophy at Hassan’s Carpets, as Khawaja Hamid’s sons and grandchildren steer the business. At Hassan’s, you are not treated as just another customer in the gallery; the hospitality of the family business makes it seem as though they are welcoming you into their own home.

‘Behind every Hassan’s carpet is our product seal that gives you the necessary details of the carpet  – origin, type, size, material, and design are all mentioned’

Today, Hassan’s Carpets stocks one of the largest collections of carpets and rugs in the Far East, which they take very seriously; only acquiring genuinely hand-knotted pieces of distinctive caliber, even boasting museum worthy and collectors pieces. Their vast collection is not tainted with tawdry machine-made pieces that have flooded the market in recent decades. Stepping into the carpet gallery, you will be spoilt for choice, with pieces from India, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Afghanistan and The Caucasus. Our collection runs the gamut from antique pieces to modern designs. For those looking to incorporate a personal touch in their carpets, Hassan’s Carpets also offers bespoke hand-knotted carpets and rugs that are expertly crafted by experienced carpet-weavers according to the whims and fancies of the client. 

The company’s reputation as the premier carpet dealer can be attributed to its meticulous acquisition process, where pieces are individually selected by the company’s owners from major weaving centers globally, as well as from its own weaving-houses in Pakistan and India. Utmost care is taken to ensure the ethical treatment of craftsmen in their weaving centers, and those from which they source from             


The firms solid reputation in the region sets an excellent foundation for the next generation of the Hassan family to take the reins and expand the business further, possibly diversifying the product portfolio as well. The family is confident in the potential of the next generation to maintain their leading position in the carpet industry for many generations to come. 


Hassan’s Carpets is the undisputed pioneer of the oriental carpet industry in Singapore and the premium provider of carpets and rugs to the most discerning of clients throughout Asia and the world. Royalty from South East Asia and Europe count among their satisfied clientele.

With decades of expertise and service, the company has accumulated countless awards, recognitions, and acclamations. Hassan’s Carpets has been featured among the ‘Best Of Singapore’ by the Tatler Magazine and has been recognized as ‘Highly Recommended’ by Expat Living Magazine Singapore. Amazingly, the company has also been finalists in the London International Advertising Awards and the International Advertising Festival New York.  Even Channel News Asia featured an episode on Hassan’s Carpets for a home décor programme. More Recently, the company has been awarded the Circle Of Excellence Award by the Asia Business Journal, in recognition of exceptional agencies in Singapore.

Some of the finest establishments in Singapore have engaged Hassan’s Carpets for their carpeting needs, including luxury hotels, banks, and VIP Complexes. Hassans was also appointed as the sole supplier of hand-knotted carpets for the Raffles Hotel. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving back to the community and corporate social responsibility has always been a cornerstone of the enterprise. Hassan’s Carpets has collaborated with numerous organizations and institutions for a good cause, such as the Singapore National Museum, Singapore Canadian Association, and many local mosques and children’s homes in Singapore.

Our philanthropy is not just confined to Singapore; since November of 2010, Hassan’s Carpets has been privileged to have worked with the Operation Smile Foundation in Vietnam where the company has been honored as one of the main auction sponsors in the Operation Smile Vietnam’s Charity Fundraising committed to the welfare and well-being of Vietnamese children born with facial deformities. Our community involvement has brought us tremendous joy and we will continue to support the cause in the years to come. 


Carpets: A Woven Art

Beauty. Colour. History. Artistry. Love, life, passion. Nowhere is the Orient expressed as eloquently and completely as in the Oriental Carpet.

Centuries ago, exact date still not quite certain, tribal women from the colder climates of Asia started weaving these wonderful things, probably for strictly utilitarian purposes. The oldest carpet in existence today is the Pasyryk rug. Discovered in 1949, preserved in the mountain ice of Siberia, this nearly 2,500 year-old piece remains in the collection of the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad.

The art of carpet weaving blossomed on the horizontal, portable looms of the nomadic tribes of central Asia. Gradually, the art spread to villages and cities; and master designers created superb fields for the vertical looms of city workshops.

It took the interest of royalty for the art form to reach its zenith. In 16th century Persia, initially under the aegis of Shah Tahmasp and later under Shah Abbas, carpet weaving gained artistic prominence. Akbar the Great, the Moghul emperor of India, brought weavers to his royal court and established an artistic tradition. Carpets were commissioned by kings for personal use or as gifts for visiting aristocracy. They spoke of culture, luxury and finer sensibilities. Today, these hand-knotted works of art are enjoyed and loved by discerning people across the world. 


Why Choose Us?

10 compelling reasons why you should buy from Hassan’s Carpets

 1. The authenticity of every carpet is fully guaranteed.
 2. A certificate of authenticity will be issued for every carpet you purchase.
 3. Remember that you are dealing with the most reputable purveyor in town, with a history going back 3 generations. We promise to give you the full benefit of carpet experience backed by good old fashioned customer commitment.
 4. You are guaranteed of the lowest possible prices. We would never try to sell you a less desirable piece.
 5. Lifetime trade-in* guarantee thereafter. This means that you can always exchange it for another of equal value, provided the carpet is still in marketable condition, i.e. not stained or damaged. Should you decide to trade with a more expensive carpet, just pay the difference. If the carpet you buy costs less than your trade-in, we will issue you with a credit note, which you can always use for future purchases.
 6. You will find our carpets well displayed for easy viewing, each will be clearly described and priced (except antiques).
 7. Hassan’s will also value your carpet upon request at no extra cost.
 8. Each carpet comes with an absolutely free, extremely useful underlay. Not only is it non-skid, it protects your carpet from humidity.
 9. We are also specialists in washing, repairing and restoration of contemporary, old and antique carpets. 
10. As part of our on-going programme to educate our buyers, Hassan’s offer carpet appreciation courses to individual groups, clubs or associations.

*Trade-ins are only valid for authentic oriental pieces, it is not applicable for modern/custom-made pieces. Also, please note that trades are subject to market standards/atmosphere. 

  Choosing a carpet

Though it is true you should buy what appeals to you, it always help to have some knowledge to guide you in your selection. Today, carpets are not merely bought as utility objects, they are considered to be objects of art as well. Look for the artistic value of a carpet. Factors contributing to this include type of design, clarity of motif, level of craftmanship, quality of materials and overall compactness. 

For antique/collector’s value, the principle point is rarity. Unusual motifs, age, condition, dyes and provenance are important. In terms of age, classification, this may be a useful guide:

  • 20 years and less – new
  • 35 t0 45 years – old
  • 45 – 75 years – semi-antique
  • 75 years and above – antique

The investment value is derived from the combination of both the artistic and antique/collector’s value of a piece. To ensure utility value, it is wise to determine where the carpet is to be laid. If the area is one of regular and heavy usage, a strong and compactly knotted carpet of sturdy materials should be chos

Materials used to weave the carpet are important. The common fibres are wool, silk, cotton, and camel and goat hair. Wool is most preferred. Kurk wool, from the neck and belly region of the sheep, is liked for its sheen lustre. Silk represent luxury and wealth.

Consider the origin and always examine the condition of the carpet. As these are all hand made pieces, expect slight asymmetry and unevenness, they add to the look and feel of the hand knotted oriental carpet.

For a more detailed discussion on the aspects of the woven art, do drop by our gallery anytime for a chat over a cup of tea.