Hassan’s Carpets provides direct service at our showroom, maintaining an extensive collection of carpets. 
Browse through our carpets with ease at Hassan’s Carpets,
the only place where you’ll find our vast collection hanging on racks for your
convenience. In addition to its core carpet retail business,
Hassan’s Carpets also offers a range of complementary services such as:

  • Carpet Care Clinic (Wash, Repair & Restoration)
  • Carpet Appreciation Workshops
  • Custom-Made Rugs (Bespoke Rugs)
  • Home-viewing Services
  • Consultation & Valuation Services 




Carpet Care Clinic

Is your rug tainted with a stubborn stain or torn and damaged?
No worries! Send your carpets to Hassan's Carpets Care Clinic, where we have over 50 years of specialist experience in maintenance of contemporary, old and antique carpets.
Our services include washing, repairing and restoration. Our experts take special considerations in choosing the right kind of wash and repair methods based on the type and material of your carpet, ensuring that it retains its original beauty and quality.

Contact our gallery at +65 67375626 for enquiries and quotations.

Custom-Made Rugs (Bespoke Rugs)

 Custom-made hand knotted and hand-tufted carpets by experienced weavers

 If you want to create the perfect rug, then we’ve got what you’re looking for!
 Hassan’s Carpets Bespoke Rugs offers customized services where you can place an order to create handmade rugs in any design  and colour of your choosing.
 At Hassan’s Carpets Bespoke Rugs, we strive to source for and create exceptional quality customized handmade luxury rugs of the  highest standards, and to bring to our clients a trustworthy personalized service that meets their every expectation.

 Contact our sales team for more information, and let us help you define your space with an exclusive piece of floor art.

Carpet Appreciation Workshops

The art of hand knotted carpets have long been appreciated for its intricate craftsmanship, outstanding beauty, artistic expression, imaginative design and long-term value. And we at Hassan’s Carpets would like to share the beauty and history of this art with you.

We offer a series of carpet appreciation workshops lectured by Mr. Suliman Hamid (Managing Director of Hassan’s Carpets), who is the leading authority of carpet antiquities in Singapore. Mr. Suliman Hamid has successfully held classes & worskhops over the years, with various societies and clubs including Friends of the Museum (FOM) and Expat Living members. He has also lectured at tertiary institutions including National University of Singapore about the art and history of carpets. 

These workshops explore various topics of the woven art, from historical origins of the art to the technical aspects of carpet construction and make. The purpose of these classes, ultimately aims in making you a learned and informed buyer of oriental carpets including antiques.

Contact our sales team for enquiries.

Home-viewing *

Can’t decide on which carpet to buy or wished you could see how it looks with your interior setting?

Why not take advantage of Hassan’s personal home viewing! We’ll let you bring home a carpet for a trial period (to live it with it) with   no obligations whatsoever.

*Subject to company’s discretion.




Consultation & Valuation service

We provide on-site consultation to select clients both locally and abroad, and is able to advise customers on carpet investments. Contact our gallery for more details. 

Carpet Care Tips
General cleaning guidelines to help you take better care of your handknotted carpet in the long term.

• To keep your carpet clean, avoid stepping on it with outdoor shoes.
• Vacuum regularly in the direction of the pile. However, do not use a power brush and beater too often.
• The area of the carpet that lies underneath furniture must be vacuumed regularly as moth and larvae thrive in dark, undisturbed corners.
• Have your carpet washed only when it is truly required - rugs in heavy usage area may need washing within a year, but those in less used areas may not need washing for years.
• Where there’s clean snow, after vacuuming, drag your rug over the snow, first on one side then the other. Shake the snow off and dry your carpet. This will not only clean but also freshen the colours.
• Remove spills immediately. Blot up liquids with absorbent cloth tissue; scrape off semi-solids and solids using a spatula or spoon. Always work from the edge of the stain towards the centre to avoid spreading. Do not rub too hard, as this will cause the stain to settle deeper into the pile. Sponge the affected area a few times with clean water, absorb as much fluid as possible, finish off in the direction of the pile and allow for drying.
• For hard-to-remove and resistant stains, professional cleaning at our Hassan’s Carpet Care Clinic is recommended.
• Use a carpet protector under the legs of heavy furniture.
• Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight as this will hasten fading of carpet dyes.
• Rotate the rug around from time to time to equalize wear.
• Avoid placing potted plants on the carpets.
• Keep your carpet dry at all times. Once in a while it is best to put your carpet out in the sun, face down, to keep it dry.
• Put a non-slip underlay beneath the carpet, as it makes it safer to walk on the carpet and protects the knots as well.
• A stitch in times saves nine. When a carpet need repair/restoration it’s best